Harness the power of your network to grow your business

Working practices have changed dramatically. So how do you harness the power of your network for the benefit of your business, as well as the businesses you support?

Welcome Oli Barrett! Described by WIRED magazine as “the most connected man in Britain”, OIi Barrett is a serial co-founder who enjoys connecting people and ideas. He is a shareholder in several companies including Calm.com and Troubadour Theatres and co-founded the UK’s largest schools enterprise competition, Tenner.

Oli discussed how to strengthen and develop networks during lockdown. Many people are finding it hard to connect with new people or are finding it hard to maintain connections so we’ll be going through themes including why networking is often seen as a dirty word, how to get your network to work for you, what techniques for cold calls and emails work, tips on communication during a lockdown, virtual event networking guidance and keeping track of connections using social media.

He co-founded StartUp Britain with Number 10 and the Clean and Cool Mission, supporting cleantech scaleups to connect with global investors and markets. He is a regular event host, including for the Great British Entrepreneur Awards and sits on the advisory boards of Tech London Advocates, One Million Mentors and Founders4Schools. His latest audio course, Build a Better Network, has been taken by people around the world and his latest charity campaign (TOTS) encourages broadcasters and tech companies to turn on the subtitles, improving children’s literacy.

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