Cyber Security 101: What every small business needs to know

On 29 January we were joined by Lisa Ventura, CEO & Founder of the UK Cyber Security Association (UKCSA), a membership association that is dedicated to individuals and companies who actively work in cyber security in the UK. Lisa talked about issues affecting small businesses including:

The top three things every small business should prioritise when it comes to cybersecurity?

Keeping data safe when working from home.

The warning signs that a business is under threat.

How to avoid phishing attacks.

If employees leave on a bad note – what the protocols are to ensure no data is leaked?

The impact of an attack.

Prioritising assets that are critical to the business?

As an investor, what data should you expect to be privileged to, and what can entrepreneurs rightly withhold for fear of a cyber-attack?

A recording of the event can be found here.


Lisa has kindly send documents that you may find useful to read 

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