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What to look for in a Startup’s Financials

You’ve seen the pitch, you’re impressed! Great traction, impressive team, market ready to be disrupted…whatever boxes got ticked for you, one thing every investor needs to take a keen look at is the business financials. Stakeholderz hosts our regulated deals on the Envestors

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Feet to the Fire: Speech Intelligence

Speech Intelligence is an award-winning analytics and learning platform. Speech Intelligence offers a suite of soft skill learning propositions to companies across the globe. Their proprietary software is ‘gweek’, a mobile application, that uses artificial

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Roundtable – Data and AI

Our roundtable event showcased 4 tech startups that have AI or Data at the core of their business. Each pitched for approximately ten minutes, followed by the opportunity for investors to ask questions of the management team and dig a little deeper into the investment

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Live for 5

The third of our Live for 5 events this year is showcased 4 great tech companies. Quollify Feed Founder and Lightning Trove Each pitch lasted 5 minutes followed by an open Q&A session to put questions to the founders. A short summary of who is pitching can be found here:

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The Story of Stakeholderz

As we reach a milestone of over 1,000 registered angel investors, we thought it appropriate to tell you a little bit more about how we got to this point. Dermot Hill, Stakeholderz’ CEO, will be talking to Jeremy Copp, an advisor to the company who sits on the Hornbeam

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Feet to the Fire: MyCustomerLens

MyCustomerLens is a real-time feedback aggregation platform that helps businesses answer the question ‘How are we doing?’ Few people doubt the importance of listening to clients. But the rise of unstructured data and remote working has left many firms overwhelmed

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The FinTech Powerhouse

Take a deep breath as we bring you some of the leading experts in FinTech to talk shop and take your questions on the sector that is the backbone of UK technology. Confirmed speakers so far include: Dr Karen Elliott an Associate Professor from Newcastle University whose

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FinTech Roundtable Pitch Event

We showcased four incredible FinTech businesses during this roundtable event. Pitching we had KiKapay, Plend, Kudo and The Disruption House. Details on each of these companies can be found in the following PDF: FinTech Roundtable – 5 May WATCH NOW ON DEMAND.

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How to exit a private company and achieve liquidity

For many investors, as investments mature, and new opportunities arise, the question may come about as to how to exit a private company and achieve liquidity. During this webinar we’ll be talking with the team at JP Jenkins, the UK’s oldest share trading platform for

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