Institutional Investors

Our Institutional Investor community consists of SEIS and EIS Funds, VCs & PE funds with whom we build strong long-lasting relationships, understanding their needs and criteria so we can provide them with the most relevant and exciting investment opportunities.

Family Office Investors

At Stakeholderz we recognise the distinct needs of Family Offices and provide investment opportunities that resonate with your long-term strategic goals and investment style.

Individual Investors

Whether you are an (U)HNWI or Sophisticated Investor, joining our community will give you access to the most exciting investment opportunities and our wider community of industry experts. Find out more about the Stakeholderz Angel Network below.

Stakeholderz Syndicate

The Stakeholderz Syndicate is an active investment circle within the wider Stakeholderz ecosystem, for investors who want to enjoy closer engagement with the selection, due diligence and oversight of investee businesses, whilst forging close ties with their peers and industry experts. Find out more here.

Institutional Investors & Family Offices

Relationship-Driven Approach

Whether you represent a Family Office, VC firm, (S)EIS Fund, VCT or Corporate Venture Arm, Stakeholderz offers more than just investment opportunities; we offer partnerships that align with your institutional goals and mandates.

We have clear criteria on which ventures we work with and take each business through a tailored investor readiness programme, including reviewing their pitch decks, financial model and growth strategy. This ensures the businesses are in the best position possible and have received expert professional advice before we introduce them to you.

For institutional investors, we provide a clear and trusted path to high-quality, exciting investment opportunities across the sustainability ecosystem. While for Family Offices, we recognise the distinct needs associate, supporting in preserving and growing wealth across generations and taking into account your needs surrounding discretion and confidentiality.

Relevant Investment Opportunities

Access exciting investment opportunities that meet your firms’ investment criteria, mandates and timings.

Pre-Screening & Risk Management

We conduct detailed initial screening and guide the ventures through our own investor readiness programme before we share the opportunity with you and your own due diligence processes.

Customised Strategies

We work with you to develop investment strategies that align with your objectives.

Ongoing Partnership

We like to foster long-term relationships that allow us to adapt to your evolving needs.

The Stakeholderz Angel Network

As an individual investor, you have unique goals and a personal journey towards financial success. At Stakeholderz, we understand this and offer tailor-made investment opportunities that align with your aspirations.

Our community of (U)HNW and Sophisticated Investors offer a diverse network to tap into and are a key part of our wider investor ecosystem. Our relationship-led approach ensures we can support you in finding the most relevant and inspiring investment opportunities to build into your portfolio.

For those investors who want closer engagement and oversight of investee businesses and to be able to benefit from the power of collective investment, make sure to take a look at the Stakeholderz Syndicate.

Why Invest through Us?

  • Diverse Portfolio: Explore a wide range of investment opportunities across various sectors in the SDGs and at different stages of their evolution.
  • Tax-Efficient Investments: Most of our opportunities are SEIS and/or EIS eligible, allowing you to maximise your returns and minimise risk.
  • Curated Opportunities: Browse through carefully vetted investment opportunities and invest alongside VCs and other institutional investors.
  • Transparent Processes: Stay up-to-date with clear, straightforward information about your investments, allowing you to make well-informed investment decisions.
  • Active Community: Join an active network of like-minded investors, gaining insights and sharing experiences, with regular opportunities to connect through our events.

How to Get Started

  • Simple Sign-Up: Begin by creating your free investor profile on our platform in under 5 minutes. Register below.
  • Tell Us About You: Share your personal investment criteria so we can make sure you see the most relevant opportunities for you.
  • Meet the Team: Connect with a member of the Stakeholderz team so we can support you on your investment journey.