21C’s Avatar Teachers: Revolutionizing Education and Making Headlines

Euro News recently ranked 21st Century Digital Teaching’s (21C) interview among the top ten most read stories of the day, and it’s no surprise why. The AI company’s groundbreaking approach to solving the teacher shortage crisis is making waves across the education sector.

21C’s digital teaching app and learning platform have introduced avatar teachers, offering a solution to the chronic teacher scarcity in the UK and Europe. By converting real teachers into digital avatars, the platform ensures lessons continue seamlessly, even during staffing shortages.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. With interactive homework and smart analytics tools, 21C’s platform not only engages students but also empowers teachers to track progress effectively.

Shortening lesson formats to fit teenage attention spans, 21C ensures maximum engagement and retention. Plus, personalized feedback and monitoring cater to individual student needs, particularly benefiting economically disadvantaged students.

Stay tuned as 21C prepares to enter the US market in 2025, expanding their reach and impact.

To catch the full interview with Alan Judd, Chairman, and Martin Hoszowski, COO, and learn more about 21C’s game-changing initiative, watch the video on Euro News.

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