Our Investment Thesis

At Stakeholderz, we are more than just a platform; we are a dynamic ecosystem where active investors meet groundbreaking businesses led by founders committed to sustainability. Our mission is to create meaningful connections between innovative ventures and our diverse network of angel investors, family offices, and institutional backers, fostering growth and positive change.

If you think your business meets the below criteria, we would be delighted to hear from you. For more information and to get a feel for the types of businesses we work with, take a look at some of our current deals.


Stage of Business

  • Focused Expertise: Our specialty lies in nurturing businesses at the Seed, Seed+, and Series A stages.
  • Market Traction: Ideal for ventures that have not only completed their MVP but are also experiencing market traction.

Management Team

  • Experience Matters: We value the profound insights and skills of entrepreneurs with venture builder experience, ensuring a synergy that combines your expertise with our comprehensive support and resources.

Funding and Investor Considerations

  • Strategic Investments: Catering to businesses seeking investments ranging from £1 to £10 million, we excel in navigating the complexities of EIS and SEIS funding.

Revenue Generation

  • Proven Success: We partner with businesses demonstrating solid financial performance, typically with an Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) between £350k and £1 million.

Distinct SDGs Focus

  • Impact-Driven: We champion entrepreneurs dedicated to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ensuring your venture makes a tangible difference in society and the environment.