Did you know….the truth about sustainable investing

This webinar on sustainable investing was given in two district parts.

Part 1 – we were honoured to be joined by acclaimed academic Jacqueline Rowarth. Jacqueline has a PhD in Soil Science and has spent four decades teaching tertiary students various aspects of sustainable food production from soil through to consumer trends and innovation. She’ll was speaking alongside Tim Sandford, CEO of nuUnlimited, for a frank and open discussion on the truths, and misconceptions, around sustainable investing particularly in the food industry. nuUnlimted are currently on our platform looking for investment.

Part 2 – Tim delved into nuUnlimited’s offering as a food and drink startup that’s been born out of a desire to give customers more transparency when it comes to what they eat. This covers everything from sustainability to food safety and nutrition. Investors will have the opportunity to grill Tim on the details of his business and why now is the ideal opportunity to invest.

To watch the webinar on demand please click here.