Investing is a tricky business, and there’s a lot to learn. Based on feedback from the Angel Masterclasses held last year, we’re now offering condensed modules on specific areas of investing to drill down into the detail and provide support and information in bitesize form. These sessions are recorded offering the added benefit of being able to pause, rewind, and repeat any particular section of interest. And all course materials and slides are available to download once the registration has been processed.

Whilst the sessions are generic to cover the broad topic areas, we understand every portfolio is individual, and to help with specific questions each of the modules offers a Q&A tool where you can request an individual response from the course leader, Modwenna Rees-Mogg, on the relevant query.

All modules are priced at the introductory rate of £100.

Co-investment and syndicating with other angel investors (session time 41 minutes)

Not everyone wants to go it alone. If you are co-investing how do you identify others and why is it so important to identify the ones who complement your own skill set? This module will go into detail on the various styles of investing, amounts to invest, knowledge sharing, and trust vs legals.  Modwenna will also cover what type of investors you would want to work alongside ranging from buddies, experienced angels, small investors and value added angels. The benefits of each of these will be outlined, the risks explained, and case studies used to demonstrate what works well and why.

Planning your angel investing journey (session time 46 minutes)

Whether you’re a novice or experienced angel, now more than ever it is important to refresh the basics of planning an angel investment. From investing styles, the role of EIS and SEIS schemes, government support available, the angel market in the UK and beyond, due diligence and building that all important portfolio in the right way, first time. With lockdown giving entrepreneurs time to come up with the all-important ideas, the market is now flooded with entrepreneurs looking for the right angel to help push their business forward beyond 2020, planning is essential to ensure your values, experience and expectations are matched with those of the venture.

Interpreting the pitch deck and business plan (session time 39 minutes)

Can you spot a winner? With many pitch presentations now taking place online what should you be looking for during those few minutes when the venture is in the spotlight, and what questions should you be asking? This module will outline the characteristics of a great business model, how to understand the cap table, what a good deal looks like, when alarm bells should ring, lessons learned from case studies, and interpretation top tips for sourcing that next big winner.

How to value an angel investment (Session time 23 minutes)

Modwenna will explain and evaluate the different methodologies and valuation methods. These include comparable multiple valuation, discounted cash flow valuation, asset valuation, scorecard valuation, milestone valuation and fair equity valuation. Depending on your investment preferences your preferred method will differ from that of another angel and it’s important to understand why, and how to make the right choice for the benefit of both you and the venture team.

Getting involved in the company you have backed (43 minutes)

So you’ve spotted a winner, but how involved do you get with the company you’re now backing when you start, when you’ve signed on the dotted line, and when exiting? Well, that all depends on the type of angel you want to be. Modwenna will cover the Professional, Lifestyle and Ad hoc angel investor and the benefits of each.

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