The global impact of Covid-19 on the education sector is staggering. Arguably, those in education have been one of the hardest-hit groups. Schools closed, exams cancelled, places deferred. But one tech startup company has made it their mission to help through the power of their innovative new technology.

Aspenify is an extremely powerful and versatile collaboration and project management tool and knowledge repository. It quite simply provides a central point of contact, communication and more importantly control for a wide range of projects and processes. Focusing on bridging a gap in the Education sector, Aspenify has developed an ‘iPlaybook’. An iPlaybook is a shared knowledge library that contains study guides, learning schedules, workflows and various other tools so that teachers and students can easily plan, educate, learn and succeed even if working remotely and social distancing. Not only does this reduce the stress placed on students worrying about lack of contact time and resources, it improves productivity, saves money, and offers a transparent, streamlined tool. That way, no questions go unanswered, the school retains knowledge from one year to the next, and students get the education they both need and deserve.

Various Universities and Schools in the UK and USA are trialing the product, including Santa Clara University (SCU), University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN), Manchester Business School, and Silicon Valley Business School.

Across the pond, The University of Santa Clara and the Silicon Valley Business school are teaming with Aspenify to co-develop and knowledge libraries that augment existing learning management systems. The knowledge libraries enable the faculty staff and students to easily capture the class curriculum, content, reference materials, videos, and student notes for each class within the school year, all in one place. Each student can maintain their iPlaybooks and share them with classmates and professors. These iplaybooks create a living history of their work through the school year. Each iPlaybook can then be integrated through to existing learning management systems to ensure that all school information is up to date and compliant.

And closer to home, Aspenify is working with educational institutions to create solutions to address the impact of Covid-19 across vulnerable local communities. In the UK there are 11.8million over 65s, with many at risk of loneliness, depression and possibly suicide due to lack of contact with family and friends, and limited access to the usual resources available to help keep them socially active. The University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) selected Aspenify to co-develop a solution to help this community. AgeUK, Preston Council and Lancashire County Council sponsor the project, a sign of the importance and need for this type of community support at this most critical time.

A key to Aspenify’s success is the ease of which the platform assimilates into any setting. A low code-no code approach with simple plug-ins and API’s that quickly creates new user interfaces with minimal effort. The software design makes it an indispensable tool, applicable to many settings in education and beyond.

It’s businesses like Aspenify that are the real game-changes, making positive steps to help alleviate and minimize the negative repercussions of a turbulent 6 months since lockdown began. With the help of Aspenify, those in education can confidently and successfully continue their learning journey.

For more information Aspenify’s raise, please visit their deal page.

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