MedTech Roundtable

Join us as we showcase three incredible MedTech businesses during this roundtable event.

Each year this sector produces a great number of products, services, and solutions, and of course there has been an upward trend in interest and scrutiny over the past year on companies that use healthcare technologies.

We ourselves have seen an increase in entrepreneurs coming to us looking for funding and as a result we’re focusing the next 6 weeks on startups that are pioneering in this field. Unlike our traditional webinars this roundtable event will bring together angels who have either previously, currently or plan to invest in the MedTech sector.

We have three incredible entrepreneurs who will in turn pitch their business to you. They are Glycanage, ScubaTx, and RHy-X.
Following each pitch you will then have the opportunity to ask questions to delve a little deeper into any particular part of their business.

To set the scene at the event we are delighted to welcome Paul Riley who will be welcoming attendees. Paul is Medical Affairs Director at Glasshouse Health, helping to bridge the gaps between healthcare companies, patient and the medical community. He’s also an EIT Health Mentor to innovative start-ups, and an angel investor in innovative start-ups that develop healthcare technologies. Paul will be talking about what differentiates healthcare from other sectors, what makes a successful startup, and what are the key drivers for change.