Alqami: Feet to the Fire

Alqami is an early-stage company providing sourcing, productisation and distribution services to the alternative data market. ‘Alternative Data’, a relatively new and rapidly growing market, can be defined as unique, raw, often unstructured data that is used by investors, asset managers, insurers and others to evaluate a company, market or investment that is not within their traditional data sources. It is usually sourced with the aim to gain an information advantage over competitors.

Alqami is successfully exploiting the alternative data opportunity by connecting data sources with data consumers across the global marketplace, identifying opportunities to use under-utilised data and develop go-to-market strategies that realise increased commercial value.

We were delighted to welcome Samantha Campbell, Alqami’s CEO, to our Feet to the Fire webinar on Thursday 18th March. Joining Samantha was Mark Fleming-Williams who will be setting the scene on the Big Data evolution over the past 20 years. He’ll focused on huge growth expectations, current players in the market, and where the UK fits in to the wider ecosystem. Mark has recently completed a Masters in Big Data at the prestigious Instituto Empresa Business School in Madrid coving data science, business transformation, data visualisation, design thinking and big data technologies that facilitate data-driven transformation across industries. Prior to the Masters, Mark was Stratfor’s Senior Analyst for the Global Economy, where he published in-depth analysis and appeared in video interviews with some of the world’s leading news organizations: including Bloomberg, CNBC, BNN and CBC. His words have also been featured in Forbes, Marketwatch, Novinite, Manila Times, Livemint and RealClearWorld.

We’ll then delved deeper into Alqami’s business, why they were formed, the team, plans for growth, and where this round of investment will take them.

View the recording on-demand.