Live for 5

Our Feb Live for 5 showcased the most promising tech startups in sectors including SaaS, EdTech, MedTech and AI.

Innovation is happening right now, and we gave  these inspiring entrepreneurs 5 minutes on the virtual stage to make a big impression. A

As investors, Live for 5 is a ‘miss it and miss out’ event. Fast paced, diverse, and interactive. Since its launch last year we’ve successfully brought new businesses onto the Stakeholderz platform and as a direct result of the pitches enabled businesses to receive those much-needed funds. This is their window to an incredible investor community and your time is incredibly valuable to them.

Following the event their pitch deck and deal details will be available on our website with information on how to proceed with any investment.

Businesses pitching include:
My Customer Lens
Speech Intelligence
Gonna Order

View the event on demand.