Event date: Wednesday

28 April 2021

As our focus turns to Fintech, who better than to kick off our sector focus than Brendan Bradley. Brendan will be talking to us about several aspects including what the key components are that make a great Fintech startup, why it’s an exciting space to invest, how non-execs can help with their involvement, what true Fintech is, and how businesses have ridden the recent storm.

Brendan is a financial markets professional with over 30 years-experience, mainly in the Capital Markets environment. Brendan spent the first 2/3rds of his career successfully building business/product development teams which gave him the opportunity to appreciate and understand the value chain from front-to-back, in short from pre-trade through execution to post trade requirements in capital requirements.

He has spent the last third of his career applying that knowledge and experience to identify opportunities through innovation roles, deal investment and management, seeding and forming VC structures, setting up a small SEIS fund, advising, consulting, investing and mentoring within the FinTech space and having Executive and Non-Executive Board positions in large to small companies.

He recently co-authored FinTech for Dummies (published in September 2020) and authored ESG Investing for Dummies (published in April 2021).

Whether you’re an established Fintech investor, or looking to start investing in this sector, this webinar has something for everyone.


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