Code of conduct

Important Note:

Responses to Q&A come direct from the Management Team and have not been authorised as part of an approved financial promotion.

We are keen to engage with members of the Platform with regards to posting clear and insightful questions. In the interest of transparency, all questions posted will be published on the platform providing they meet the following criteria:

  • The Question does not contain malicious, defamatory or insulting language
  • The Question does not contain any inappropriate language
  • The Question is of a genuine nature and can be clearly interpreted
  • The Question has not been posted multiple times
  • The Question does not appear to be from a competitor, supplier or existing or previous employee, without disclosure
  • There is no evidence of harassment

As such, we ask that those posting questions on the Platform can confirm, upon request, that they are not a competitor, supplier or existing or previous employee of the company posing as a legitimate potential investor.

For further questions in relation to the Q&A appearing on this Platform please contact the Regulated Entity responsible for overseeing all regulatory matters, including financial promotions, which can be found here.