The Big Hello Event

We are delighted to announce that our fourth Big Hello event will take place on the 5th of July at 10:30 am. It has been some time since our CEO, Dermot Hill last interacted with our community of angel investors, which is why he is keen to share with you recent developments here at Stakeholderz.

During the event, he would like to take this opportunity to:

  • Welcome new angel investors to our community
  • Thank our existing investors for their support
  • Talk about our new initiative and model
  • Our new and improved Referral program
  • A New Deal Alert
  • Our step into the Crypto world

Our aim is to make this event as interactive and engaging as possible, and so there will be an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session during the last 10 minutes. So don’t forget to bring your questions along!

Click Here to register for the event.