Upcoming Investment Opportunities

Following the recent appointment of our three new directors, Stakeholderz has shifted its focus towards fundraising for sustainability-driven, technology-enabled, innovative businesses.

We are therefore delighted to announce that our new and improved venture selection process has selected two amazing new sustainability-focused companies, which are sure to tick the right boxes for many of our investors.

The first business focuses on empowering manufacturers to radically change cleaning processes for the good of their processes and our planet. With an exceptional management team, good traction and an enormous market opportunity this company is all set to become a leading cleantech business.

The second business, through its powerful combination of innovative data collection services, software applications and AI, transforms raw data into business-critical intelligence using data science modelling, so that infrastructure owners and managers can optimise operations and maintenance, and maximise the economic life of their infrastructure assets.

The official deal launch for these companies will be announced shortly, so watch out for our next email. If you haven’t signed up to our platform yet, you can do so here.