The employment consequences of Covid-19

As the situation with Covid-19 unravels daily, the toll this virus is taking on businesses and employers is becoming more apparent. Dragon Argent have been dealing with the consequences of this crisis and offering up available support.

Help and advice, particularly on issues surrounding furlough leave and pay, redundancy exercises and employment contract variations. These include:

1. Is it unreasonable to dismiss staff for redundancy if furlough is available?
2. Does employee mean those on PAYE or an employee as an employment tribunal would see them?
3. Can an employee be forced to take furlough?
4. How do you choose which staff to furlough?
5. Can you rotate furlough amongst staff?
6. How will 80% be calculated for those with irregular hours?
7. Does holiday continue to accrue during furlough?
8. Can an employee on long term sick announce that they are ending their sick leave in favour of furlough leave?
9. What if staff on furlough leave take another job?
10. Can an employee on family friendly leave, such as maternity leave or adoption leave, cut this short in favour of being placed on furlough?
11. Can employers give notice of redundancy during a period of furlough leave and can the notice period under the employee’s contract be funded through the government?
12. Can an employer withdraw notice of redundancy, if it was given prior to the government’s announcement of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme?