Stakeholderz in the Spotlight

During the presentation Dermot described the journey the business had been on since it’s inception in 2017, what achievements had been made, and the plans afoot for 2020 and beyond.

”Building a new part of the UK’s equity investing platform community requires effective engagement with our markets. At the center of which is a core vibrant and engaged angel investor community.  Stakeholderz is making great strides to build a formative position based on its equity funding and talent formula.  We believe through this formula we will see companies move through our funding process, with earlier and larger exits.”

Some of the key highlights included:
The Learning Centre – A Masterclass programme run by Modwenna Rees-Mogg. Modwenna spoke at the event about this new venture specifically created for the Stakeholderz community. It will both support those new to investing, as well as offer more experienced angel investors the knowledge to improve their investing strategy whilst limiting their investment risk.
Broadleaf – An advocates programme for individuals with experience in investing in the technology sector, to come together to discuss and debate how to better engage with the Stakeholderz database.
Hornbeam – An Advisory Board programme for members of the Stakeholderz Investor Register to advise how Stakeholderz can improve engagement with its investor community, develop and grow its investor numbers and ensure that it has the right tools in place to support their investment journey.
Following the presentations guests, including Senior Management Teams from current ventures listed with Stakeholderz, enjoyed networking at a champagne reception to celebrate two years since the launch of the business.