Online Pitch Event – 8th Dec 2023

Event date: Wednesday

8 December 2023

Stakeholderz is excited to announce our next online pitch event on December 6th at 4pm featuring two interesting investment opportunities taking innovative approaches to carbon footprint reduction.

PalletEarth is a sustainable and ecologically friendly pallet system, unmatched globally in its construction and intelligence – a pallet that’s fit for purpose for the new world environment and economy. PalletEarth has developed breakthrough proprietary technology in the supply chain industry, focusing on legacy pallets and their lack of evolution. Their offering provides tangible and substantial reductions in CO2 emissions, global product traceability and significant supply chain cost savings. These future-facing benefits have led to engagement with global brands in the produce and retail industries.

Dizzie is on a mission to rid of pointless plastics through innovative reusable packaging solutions. By choosing Dizzie, you not only eliminate the need for single-use plastic packaging but also contribute to reducing global CO2 emissions. Did you know that single-use packaging production accounts for 3% of the world’s CO2 emissions? With Dizzie, you actively reduce your carbon footprint with every use. They believe in making sustainability accessible to everyone – their goal is to take the ‘stuffy’ out of eco and make reusable packaging the new norm.

Join us in creating a greener, cleaner future.

Note: You must be a self-certified investor to attend the event. *CAPITAL AT RISK.

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