It’s about the food, not the transaction

nuUnlimited is redefining the connection between consumers snf their food to support more local, sustainable production & consumption.

They were recently asked why we have taken a radically different approach from other front of house hospitality solutions (Just eat, Deliveroo, OpenTable, etc) and focused on the food being offered and its attributes (provenance, sustainability, allergens, nutrition, etc) as the central pillar of what they do.

The short answer is simply that they recognised that food is the core of the experience and with the majority of consumers now adopting more complex dietary, ethical and lifestyle food choices, consumer facing systems have to deal with these issues effectively to deliver value for both businesses using them and their customers.

The current front of house solutions mentioned above have focused primarily on the transaction, almost ignoring the food and its attributes almost entirely. However, for the reasons noted above, the food being offered and its attributes are increasingly as important as the transaction itself.

The first generation of businesses focused on the food and drink hospitality sector consider themselves to be disruptors of one kind or another, however, in reality all they have done is taken one or possibly two current business functions and transformed then into digital functions that are often more expensive and more complex to operate than they were before.

At nuUnlimited, they have always worked on the basis that digital transformation has to deliver much more than just an online version of what was there before by;

  1. Increasing the efficiency of the function or process
  2. Commercially reducing the cost of digitally transforming a business function.

Both of those disruptive ideals are baked into the core of me~nu™ and the way they operate the business to add measurable value to both businesses and consumers.

For those that want to find out more there is a detailed Competitive Analysis in the SDR