How to build and sustain a strong, resilient business

How to Build a strong, resilient business.
9 September 2020

Tom is an internationally renowned business performance turnaround professional, portfolio chair, CEO, former Tech Silicon Valley Exec & MBA Masterclass Leader. He is also a member of the House of Lords All Parliamentary Group for Artificial Intelligence. In 2018 he was voted CEO of the Year and received 2020’s Game Changer Award.

Tom’s webinar covered:
• How businesses can survive post government support?
• How leaders can act with confidence to support business growth?
• How to effectively coach a team to success in a virtual environment?
• Where business may have halted or stalled, what practical measures can the put in place to kick start business again?
• If potential investors want to meet with an entrepreneurial team, what’s the best way to facilitate this and what questions need to be asked first?