Feet to the Fire: Speech Intelligence

Speech Intelligence is an award-winning analytics and learning platform.

Speech Intelligence offers a suite of soft skill learning propositions to companies across the globe. Their proprietary software is ‘gweek’, a mobile application, that uses artificial intelligence to analyse and teach speech and communication skills. They work with Enterprise, including JP Morgan, Accenture and UBS to up-skill their employees. They’ve generated over £400k in revenue – in the test phase alone – and are now focused on scaling their revenue model, to pivot from programme based licence fees to annual subscriptions.

This webinar showcased the tech through demos and James went into the how the data is captured and how users can improve the impact of what they’re saying.

Opening the event we had Catherine Breslin, a machine learning scientist. Catherine is a Cambridge Graduate with commercial and academic experience of automatic speech recognition, natural language understanding and human-computer dialogue systems.