Feet to the Fire: MyCustomerLens

MyCustomerLens is a real-time feedback aggregation platform that helps businesses answer the question ‘How are we doing?’

Few people doubt the importance of listening to clients. But the rise of unstructured data and remote working has left many firms overwhelmed by countless surveys, feedback reports and ad hoc comments in multiple systems. Understanding a client’s experience and future needs still involves manually gathering, analysing and reporting on unstructured data. MyCustomerLens creates the connected intelligence firms need to protect and grow revenues. They quickly deliver competitive advantage by automatically aggregating and summarising text comments and siloed feedback data.

MyCustomerLens combines AI and industry expertise to enable firms to get answers and take action fast. Proprietary algorithms summarise text comments by discovering ‘what’ people are talking about, ‘how’ it makes them feel and ‘why’ it’s driving behaviour. Cloud-native architecture makes it easy to benchmark performance over time, across clients and against competitors.

Watch the recording of our webinar with the MyCustomerLens team on 24.5.21 ON DEMAND.