Do Angel Investors Actually Make Money?

We are delighted that Oliver Woolley (CEO and Co-Founder of Envestors ) joined us for our webinar ‘’ Do Angel Investors Actually Make Money?‘’.

 Oliver spoke about his recent research findings on investment returns from angel investing. The research, conducted by the UKBAA and nine angel networks, gathered performance data from 43 of the UK’s leading angel investors who, collectively, invested £65m+ in over 1,500 companies over 10+ years.

This event is an absolute must-have for all angel investors, whether new or experienced, looking to invest in this exciting world of start-ups. Oliver, who led the research, covered the findings from the research as well as discussed:

  • How experienced angels pick the winners and avoid the losers,
  • Tips on what to look out for when investing in start-ups and scale-ups
  • Make the most of your tax relief (S/EIS).