Blockchain and Tokenisation: What investors need to know

On 21 August 2020 hosted our webinar ‘Blockchain and Tokenisation: What investors need to know’.

Our guests were Mike Doyle – Co-founder of Invluencer. He is a visionary innovator on social and environmental sustainability. He has founded multiple start-ups and has presented and consulted at a high level to government and worked with the European Union and United Nations Environmental Program. Badri Natarajan is an independent English solicitor advising blockchain projects on dispute resolution and regulatory risk management and compliance, focussing on the Ethereum/DeFi space. And Shimon Newman, a reformed blockchain-evangelist who now cautiously analyses best business cases for emerging technologies and their application to platform architecture. His experiences have given him a unique perspective on game-theory, DLTs, VR/AR, AI, and other buzz words in the space.

Together they delved into a variety of issues including:
What is tokenisation (concept and principles)
Best practice, including practical experiences to simplify how it works
How tokens are revolutionising start-up funding
How sensitive data is protected
How secure and efficient tokens are