By sponsoring Stakeholderz you are supporting emerging talent, aligning with a business that’s at the forefront of entrepreneurial tech investment, and getting rewarded with exclusive benefits including unparalleled access to a pool of entrepreneurial talent, as well as prospective C-suite level executives and investors.

For more information on our sponsorship programme please contact Helen Terry, hterry@stakeholderz.com

Microsoft for Startups is supporting the Stakeholderz platform, viewing it as a way to support the scale-up of the early stage ventures with capital and talent.

Warwick Hill, MD, Microsoft For Startups, ‘We like the Stakeholderz approach and see the platform as a way of helping our incubated companies attract both the senior skills and the extra funding they need to see them into the scale-up phase. Microsoft is particularly interested in the Investing Directors programme because of its unique approach to bringing Investing Chair appointments as well as upskilling executive teams with talent. This allows us to scale our companies and bring technical transformation, faster.’

Dragon Argent are a firm of lawyers, accountants, people specialists, consultants and much more, all working as one, for you. They are a rare hybrid of corporate know-how and entrepreneurial savvy.
Their expertise is seamlessly blended with deep and transformative knowledge of your business, people and finances. This saves you time and money and eliminates the risk-averse, reactive, “silo” effect of conventional partners.
From conception to exit; seed funding to series A: VAT to R&D; national to international, and then global; from a specific project to fully-integrated long-term support. You should be free to do what you do best; let us focus on everything else.
For more information contact James Taylor, Chief Commercial Officer, james.taylor@dragonargent.com or download a copy of the Dragon Argent Brochure.

Simons Moorhead & Burton is a leading London law firm, based in Soho.  They work across many verticals but are particularly focused on tech, media and the creative industries.  They act for individuals, start-ups, scale-ups and some large entities.

They try to provide services at a reasonable and fixed price and pride themselves on pragmatism and efficiency.  They are not a “pyramid” law firm so there is always a partner involved either doing or closely supervising the work.  They grow organically and have never merged. This has led to an approachable and friendly culture which attracts high calibre lawyers who don’t want to work in a micro-managed, highly pressured environment. Simons Muirhead & Burton specialise in corporate legal issues for growth companies.  They are sponsoring Stakeholderz because ‘it fills a glaring gap in the market, bringing together exciting companies that need both capital and experience on the Board, with highly connected netwrok of Investing Directors who can play a formative part in the fund raise and future direction of the company.’ Simon Halberstam, Simons Muirhead & Burton