This Masterclass programme has been created to both support those new to angel investing, as well as give more experienced angel investors the knowledge to improve their investing strategy whilst limiting their investment risk.

Benefits of Attending

It is ideal for the time-poor investor and there is no other similar programme on the market.

• World-class course material–developed by the World Business Angel Association.

• Learn within a powerful ‘collective classroom’ environment to see how others use their experience and share their perspective on what to learn and do in this evolving field. Places are limited and early sign-up is recommended.

• Build a network of co-investors to grow a more valuable contact base.

• Receive a wealth of vital information from leading expert Modwenna Rees-Mogg.

• Decrease the potential for losing investment capital.

• Complete both modules and receive a Masterclass certificate.

About Modwenna Rees-Mogg

• Acclaimed author of two books on investing, and renowned advisor to the sector
• Publisher of leading online publication AngelNews.
• A consummate professional; passionate about investing and dedicated to raising standards of success in angel investing.
• Organiser of the annual VCT and EIS conferences.

What does the course cover?

Module 1

Getting ready to invest

  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. What is an angel investor?
  3. Investing styles.  What sort of angel you want to be? Why you are doing it and what outcomes you can expect.
  4. The angel market in the UK and around the world. How the market works, tax breaks, and statistics on performance of the market.

Getting into the detail

  1. Understanding tax breaks.
  2. Where deals come from and how deals work: elevator pitches, live pitches, video pitch, due diligence, negotiations, term sheets, and how advisors fit into the market.
  3. What a deal looks like structurally: various legal documents, share certificates, client money accounts, fees.
  4. Identifying like-minded angels: buddy clubs, syndicates, managed vs self-managing.
  5. Identifying deals: understanding what are the right deals for you, signs of a good deal, thinking about portfolio investment theory.
  6. Understanding valuation: different valuation methodologies.
  7. Due diligence: what it means and what it involves, understanding legal liability.
  8. Understanding the legals: warranties, indemnities, good leaver bad leaver, drag and tag along, pre-emption; English law, cap tables, Companies House, GDPR, and NDAs.
Module 2

Post investment and getting an exit

  1. Working in Syndicates
  2. Understanding tricky deal terms – liquidation preference.
  3. Negotiating the deal
  4. Deal management and your role: the syndicate 3rd party managers, board seats, “advisory roles”, passive, reporting issues.
  5. Follow on rounds: when they come and why, what to look for and how to decide whether to follow your money.
  6. Getting an exit: different exit routes, liquidity event vs an exit,  deferred consideration.  Your role in preparing for an exit.
  7. Preparing for an exit: how to make the company attractive, sales process (trade sale), IPO, secondary; MBO.
  8. The exit process: selling memorandum, data room, warranties and indemnities, sale vs completion.
Where will it be held?

The course is delivered entirely online, making it accessible to all.

How much does it cost?

– One individual module: £525
– Both modules 1 and 2: £950 (vouchers cannot be used)

When are they held?

All modules run from 4-8 PM.

June Dates:
Monday 15th June (Module 1)
Thursday 18th June (Module 2)

If you can’t make the June dates we will be running the course every month. The next dates are:Monday 6th July (Module 1)
Thursday 9th July (Module 2)

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