Investor Social

One of the most rewarding parts of running the Stakeholderz engagement programme over the last few years has been seeing the networking take place: watching exchanges of opinion, debate, laughter, and all centered around a common love of investing and tech innovation.

We want to bring that back, albeit virtually. On 8 July at 6pm we are hosting a trial event, ‘Investor Social’, the chance for 15 investors from our Investor Register, who have continued to invest over the past 6 months, to gather together and just chat.

We’ll provide the platform, and 3 questions to focus discussion on over the course of an hour. It’s very informal so time to ditch the suit and tie, grab a drink, relax and talk shop.

Depending on interest we will operate a waiting list to take part, with potentially the option for others to watch as observers.

To request your place at ‘Investor Social’ please email our Events Manager Helen Terry,, by 5pm on Wednesday 1 July. We’ll then confirm your place and request a 100 word biography to distribute to others online so you know a bit of background about eachother. If you have other investor contacts who may wish to take part then please feel free to request their place as well, but they must be registered on our platform to take part. Registration only takes a minute and is free.