Membership to Stakeholderz is select. We are welcoming some of the very best executive talent and investors to our exclusive community. As an investor you will enjoy the benefits of becoming involved in the most promising ventures.


Zael Prestel, Investor

My experience of investing is mostly in start-ups in other European countries, and I am now building a portfolio here in the UK where investment in start-ups is favourable.

For me, Stakeholderz offers a unique approach to investing – the Venture Committee renders the investment selection more straightforward having curated the opportunity beforehand. The process is further facilitated by having all necessary documentation and interactions with the start-up accessible via the portal.

In my opinion, one of the main unique selling points of Stakeholderz is CEO Dermot Hill – in particular the way he engages with Angels Investors to bring them face-to-face with the management team of the start-up so that a rapport can quickly be established and important conversations can commence.


Malcolm Elliot – Investor

This is my first investment in a financing platform, so it has been extremely important to me that Stakeholderz meets my requirements as a first-time investor of this nature. I’ve previously avoided crowdsourcing platforms as many have a scattered focus, however Stakeholderz appealed to me for its unique laser-focus on matching the right investors with growing B2B technology companies, tying equity and human capital together.

The problem I, and other investors, have always had is the lack of access to non-listed stocks, and having quality information to make investment decisions. This is a key gap that Stakeholderz fills where it provides a marketplace to bring together investors like myself and growth companies who require equity. Investors like myself have equity and experience to offer and the beauty – and uniqueness – of the Stakeholderz platform is in championing human investment as well as capital.

Stakeholderz gives both first-time and experienced investors the opportunity to focus their investment exclusively in technology and B2B companies.


Philip Jarvis – Talent

I have invested in eight early stage ventures, generally taking a non-executive or executive role, so I believe the focus that Stakeholderz has on each venture’s team capabilities is what really makes a difference to the investment, and in turn to the venture’s success.

I would recommend Stakeholderz to both new and experienced investors for the same two reasons: they offer members the ability to meet other investors at their investor meet-ups; and their focus on the unique team capabilities – and requirements – of each individual venture truly maximises their success.