What makes Stakeholderz different?

Our investments are mostly ‘off market’ opportunities drawn from our large referral network and screened by our Venture Committee, and we are seeing an increasing number of interesting ventures to screen. Our talent base is influential in guiding the most exciting ventures into our funding process.

The ventures are supported on their journey by experienced director(s), pre and post-funding, through an accelerated progression of investments and growth to exit model.

In essence, you will exclusively be working with start-ups who have made their mark with Stakeholderz, won our commitment and demonstrated commercial traction. You will actively be encouraged to invest your expertise and contacts in these most promising ventures. You will also work alongside some of the most successful angels and other sources of syndicated funding.

How does Stakeholderz add value?

  • Ventures are screened by our experienced network and Venture Committee and are selected based on verifiable valuations as well as growth and exit potential
  • We work with our large and exclusive pool of senior talent and domain specialists to ensure that we present the most exciting, screened and curated ventures to the community
  • You will have access to your own secure ‘investor’ area for ongoing venture reporting
  • We invite you to welcome your investing contacts and colleagues into the community with one aim in mind: to get each venture funded as soon as possible and into their growth journey
  • We build our reputation at Stakeholderz on the size and early achievement of each venture’s exit – in clear alignment with your own investor objectives
  • Our ‘deals’ are independently scrutinised for ‘true, fair and accurate’ presentation
  • We are committed to best practice and to bringing new investors into this exciting asset class

Do you want to join an exclusive group of investors and ventures?