We want to thank our investors who actively help build our investor network by referring on their angel contacts.

To recommend an angel to us and reap the rewards when they invest, simply fill in the form below.

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    1. The reward will be allocated to the first individual who introduces only.
    2. The investor referred must be linked to your name in the above form and we must have their full contact details (phone, email).
    3. You must tick the box which confirms they are expecting us to contact them.
    4. You must tick the box stating you can refer to me by name when approaching
    5. Introducers will be paid a fee based upon 10% of gross profit on an investment through the Stakeholderz platform by the angel referred.
    6. The fee will be payable on any investments made within 12 months of the introduction (submission of this form).
    7. Any investments made after 12 months will not qualify.
    8. We will notify you and thank you in writing when an investment is made by one of your referred angels.
    9. At the end of the reward period (12 months) we will ask you to invoice us the amount for all investments attributed to your introduction(s).
    10. We will pay this invoice within 30 days of receipt.
    11. For multiple angel investor introductions and special terms, please contact Dermot Hill (Managing Director) or Tara Morris (Investor Relations Manager) on (+44) 203 884 1400.