What makes Stakeholderz different?

Stakeholderz brings together two essential communities: businesses like yours with great potential, and investors – including angels and investing directors – looking for the next big thing.

Our large base of experienced investing directors brings together senior executive talent, deep domain expertise and know-how across a broad technology sector to accelerate your success.

We draw on this talent to work with our Venture Committee who select promising ventures to share with the Stakeholderz investing community and pool of executive talent.

Designed to help early-stage UK technology companies secure investment, the Stakeholderz platform is supported by Microsoft for Startups, leading angel investors and other sources of syndicated funding – principally angel networks and VCs.

What is our definition of a high-quality venture?

  1. Technology is a key component of your offering
  2. You have identified a clear and sustainable competitive advantage
  3. Your business has a defensible IP or significant business ‘know-how’
  4. You have already launched your products or services and can demonstrate commercial traction
  5. Your business model is disruptive and scalable, and you can show strong growth potential
  6. You recognise your organisational need for talent and are open to working alongside our experienced executives
  7. You take an appropriate approach to valuations

How does Stakeholderz add value?

Our investors offer SMART MONEY to drive better crowd-funded decisions with an estimated 20% reduced fund-raising effort. Our enhanced offering includes investment with the benefit of SENIOR EXECUTIVE TALENT. This know-how enables potential faster and earlier exits achieved by better board decisions and better operational execution.

Our exclusive and growing base of experienced investors and senior executive talent have the KNOW-HOW to guide your business through growth.  Our focus is on having ongoing access to growth capital for your future funding rounds towards a successful exit.

Looking for growth capital?

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