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Entrepreneurs like you require more than just investment capital – as a fast-moving business you need human capital too: investors with skin in the game with experience and expertise to propel your growth.

You also need to be confident that you will receive the funds you need more predictably. A report by London-based market research firm The Crowdfunding Centre showed that on average, only a third of start-ups on five popular crowd-funding platforms actually hit their target, hence our ‘open’ approach to syndication.

The Stakeholderz Venture Committee oversees the selection of only the most promising ventures.  Approved ventures are then able to select investors to take on key executive and advisory roles; to work with them on the fundraising process and through the all-important growth phase.

We work within the Investing Director community, with Angels and VCs, to raise the profiles of promising ventures and increase investment appetite.

We are powering the next generation of growth ventures by providing an exclusive platform for ventures to thrive.

Our reputation speaks for itself – by way of example: find out more about Vortex IoT who successfully closed their round at £750k in 8 weeks – exceeding their planned £500k raise. Syndication played a key part in the process. Click here for more information.

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